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Instructions for Authors

General Instructions:

One volume appears annually, divided in two numbers. The journal welcomes works carried out by scientists of all nationalities, and may be written in either English or Spanish.

The journal receives works in systematic, taxonomy, floristic, ecology, physiology, morphology, development, conservation, cytology and phytochemical botany.

Systematic, taxonomic, floristics, cytological and phytochemical studies should be backed up by material deposited in state herbariums or other institutions readily accessible to the scientific community and recognized by Index Herbariorum. Also receives books for review, notices of scientific events, and obituaries, which are published free of charge after acceptance.

Manuscripts are to be submitted electronically through our editorial platform ( in order to expedite the review process. Manuscripts should be upload as an Word (.docx) in addition to the corresponding figures.

If you need help for upload your manuscript, you can read instructions step by step (for now, is only in Spanish).

The email [email protected] can be used only to communicate other matters or papers submitted previously.

Manuscrip Review:

Articles are normally sent out for review by at least two peers, one of whom will usually be a member of the editorial board. The first editorial decision is communicated about 80 days (1 to 434 days), and to publish all accepted papers within one year of submission date.

Page Charges:

Authors will be charged USD$ 50 per page. Members of the Botanical Society of Chile will be eligible for reduced page charges from 2004.


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